Tomb Raider AOD 12" Picture Single


Ok, in 2003 some smart person without any taste from Eidos Germany decided to use another smart person without any taste from the music business to promote TR: AOD by having him create a Tomb Raider song.

The demographic seems to be something like 13 year old kids.

I think it is the cheapest wannabe techno musak computers can come up with by themselves these days. The sad part is it made it to position 21 of the German and Austrian charts .

But this 12" Vinyl Picture Disc is really pretty.


Tomb Raider Angel Of Darkness - CD versions


Of course there was also a cd release. Two versoins that I know of. 5 inch and 3 inch.

The 3 inch version contains the song in two mixes.
1. Angel Of Darkness (Video Mix)
1. Angel Of Darkness (Extended Mix)

The 5 inch version contains the songs as well as the music video to the song, trailers and screensavers.