Tomb Raider/Witchblade Comic Oversize Portfolio


TR-WB-001_small.jpg 1.9K

TR-WB-002_small.jpg 2.4K

TR-WB-003_small.jpg 3.1K

TR-WB-004_small.jpg 3.2K

TR-WB-012_small.jpg 2.8K

TR-WB-013_small.jpg 3.0K

TR-WB-014_small.jpg 2.9K

TR-WB-015_small.jpg 3.0K

TR-WB-016_small.jpg 3.2K

TR-WB-017_small.jpg 2.7K

TR-WB-018_small.jpg 3.1K

TR-WB-020_small.jpg 2.3K

Exceptional deluxe edition of the meeting between Sara Pezzini & Lara Croft ! It is composed of 50 pages (the sheets are not bound and are only printed on one face). The 42 pages whole story + 8 of the comic book covers. The whole set comes in a hard linen box with an offset printing certificate numbered and signed by Marc Silvestri ! Colour printing, German edition.

Height 66.0 cm.
Width 44.5 cm.